How would life be different, if you were not held back by your fears?


I help those who are feeling restless and unsatisfied with where they are in their lives, to stop warring with themselves, so they can find out what life is like when they feel strong and confident. 

My clients have been Corporate Senior Leaders in Human Resources, Operations, Logistics, Finance, IT, and Shared Services, Small and Medium Sized Business Owners in Food and Hospitality, Wholesale, IT and Technology, Real Estate, and Other Leaders in Education, Medical Research, Health Care, Holistic Medicine, Public Works, and Arts and Culture. 

I listen deeply and help people to untangle the mental messes that they have been trained to create, that are keeping them stuck, small, and in fear. 

Reach out if you want to:

  • Create opportunities
  • Have the relationships you want
  • Find something you are passionate about or that is really important to you
  • Finish something
  • Avoid and recover from overwhelm and burnout
  • Have a career or business that energizes you
  • Build a body of work you are proud of

Here’s What People Are Saying

Akiko coached me remotely which was a very positive and productive experience. It must have been her calm and friendly demeanour that made me feel like I was wrapped into a light blanket of confidence and full attention, which allowed me to progress in a profound way. Leaving me all the space I needed, Akiko guided me through a variety of steps to explore and experience all potential alleys that would help me to reach my desired outcome. And at a given time she softly steered me towards the actions I was truly ready to take. Today I can say the impact of our session carries on, thanks to Akiko!  Sandra Schmoldt, Corporate Communications Director, and Coach

Akiko has helped me through some crucial transitions with my career and gave me personalized insight and direction that has transformed my life in many ways. She empowered me to seek work in the public sector to use my talents towards making positive social change and encouraged me as an entrepreneur to expand my leadership abilities and grow financial resilience. You definitely need her on your team of support to help you to create a work life that is a life work living instead of being eaten up and chewed up by your work life. Barbara S. Educator & Mentor

Akiko, thank you for everything you are doing to add hope and sanity to our operations. Without your help, I do not know how we would be making out. I believe we are building something that will keep and motivate staff to excel long into the future. For all that you are doing for us. Thanks. – DL, CTO