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The Great British Bake Off: A Guide to Aligning With Your Purpose

Do you love the Great British Bake Off? Me too! Is it just the combo of artistry and deliciousness that has us hooked? I don’t think so. Somehow, the show is simultaneous illustrating the relationship we want to have with our careers, the scenarios we want to work and live in, and giving us really good examples of behaviours to model in order to achieve these. 


The bakers are passionate about their craft. Obsessed, but in the best way. Even when they are feeling not confident, their love of baking propels them beyond the fear and to do their best (which is for the most part amazing). Their baking enriches their lives and brings them closer to the people around them.


The hosts are my favourite part of the show. Mel and Sue are strikingly aware of themselves and of the people around them. They show us how to be aware, kind, insightful, giving, and very funny. They are the pinnacle of who we want to be as leaders and who we want to have as our leaders.


Finally,  the judges are amazing. Two experts who LOVE their craft. They show us how to approach a role or task with huge seriousness, honesty, and integrity. For the most part, they teach us how to deliver truly constructive feedback that isn’t void of emotion or personal touch. I love it.


So the question is, what if your reality is nothing like GBBO? If you are feeling discord with your career, it’s time to start asking the difficult questions:

  1. Am I passionate about what I’m doing?
  2. Does my love of what I do propel me beyond my fears?
  3. How aware of what I’m feeling am I?
  4. How often am I considering the feelings of those around me?
  5. Am I approaching my work from the perspective of being an equal to those around me?
  6. Am I saying what I think and feel at work?
  7. Am I hiding?


Just like baking a three tier meringue, the more you put into answering these questions, the more you will get out of it.  If you let it, the process of answering these questions will change your life.


Using emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and deep listening practices Akiko offers caring and practical support to free yourself from the toxic, punishing thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck, so you can have better relationships with yourself, other people, and to the work you do.

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