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New Year’s Day Rituals, Celebration, and Wishes

Welcome 2018!

New Year’s Day has long been one of my favourite days of the year. It seems somewhat traditional for North Americans to spend the day curled up on the couch recovering from the previous night’s festivities. I like a good New Year’s eve party as much as the next girl but I never like it to get in the way of that amazing New Year’s Day feeling, of the fresh new year and endless new possibilities.

My day starts fairly early. Not one for resolutions, I like to meditate and set new year intentions, have a special “lucky” breakfast with my family and then spend the day visiting with friends and family, making and sharing good food and conversation. At the end of the day and before I go to sleep I return to meditation. This year, my plans are not different and I hope you will join me in celebration of the new year.

When thinking about a new year it’s often easier to plan or set intentions if you think of your life sectioned into larger areas. Common areas to focus on are: health, relationships, personal development, and career.  Interestingly, a lot of the time an improvement made in one area will usually have a positive impact on another of (or all of) the areas. This is an illustration of the way that all areas of our lives are important and interconnected. It is also a reminder of the importance of creating harmony and caring for ourselves in all of the areas of our life.

I’m actually interested in all of these areas of your life but for the moment, I’d like to say a few words about career.

2017 was a career revelation for me. I fully stepped into the idea that the work I was doing could have real meaning for me and that I could be passionate about it. I accepted that I no longer wanted to do work that didn’t connect to my larger purpose of helping people to be more confident and empowered. I left a successful career as a Corporate Human Resources Professional to become a HR Coach and Career Champion to support people in finding greater success and satisfaction in their work so they can do more of the things that contribute to a fulfilling life. I’m not telling you this looking for your praise, I’m telling you it because I want you to understand the impact that stepping away from a job that you are just surviving in into work that makes you happier has on you.

If you’re like me, it could set you on a path towards better health and on a spiritual journey of exploration. If you are like my client Luke, landing that promotion and the work he did to get there set him on a path of more confidence which is positively impacting his family relationships. If you are like my client Wesley, getting that job that pays her more and the work she did to get it, showed her that she has the ability to effect great change in her life in a short period of time.


You spend so much of your life at work you deserve a career that contributes to your happiness on all levels. It’s easier and more important than you think. More than anything, my new years wish for you is that, if you are in a job that isn’t contributing to you taking action on ideas/plans/dreams, you understand that you can make a change. This change is so worth it. You are so worth it.

Happy New Year! I look forward to our many adventures.


May you be filled with loving kindness,

May you be well.

May you be peaceful, and at ease.

May you be happy.



Using emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and deep listening practices Akiko offers caring and practical support to free yourself from the toxic, punishing thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck, so you can have better relationships with yourself, other people, and to the work you do.

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