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Career Smarts: Figuring Out What’s Next For You – Tip #1 – Look At Someone You Admire

Not sure what’s next for you in your career? There are lots of reasons that people ask themselves the question what do I do next? Sometimes we are forced to ask the question because we aren’t happy where we are today. Other times we ask the question because we anticipate future changes either with our company or in our personal lives and rather than wait for those changes to happen and then be left scrambling, we want to be proactive.

It’s possible that this question can come up even if we are quite happy where we are today AND we don’t foresee any major changes. We have an innate desire to continually grow and learn. It’s very common for people who have been in a role for more than 18 months without any significant changes to ask this question.

A career-related change in any of these circumstances may not mean a new job, it may be taking a new course or developing a new skill. The question of what’s next in my career is always relevant!

Over the next weeks, every Tuesday, I’ll be posting something related to figuring out what’s next for you in your career! Drop me a line and let me know when this question has come up for you and if you have any specific questions you’d like me to address in an upcoming post!

One great way that you can help answer this question is by looking at someone you admire. Do you have a boss or coworker who you admire? What about someone in your family who has had a career you respect? What about a celebrity or public figure? 

What is it you really admire about this person? It may not be something that looks immediately related to career. For example, you may admire the way your coworker always seems to have time to go to the gym or the way she has a weekly date night with her husband. This doesn’t tell you anything specific about career steps, but it may tell you something about the type of schedule you want or how you want to prioritize or balance work and non-work time.

Do you admire them because of the knowledge they have? This may direct you to training/education that you want to take or a particular career path.

Do you admire the way they interact with people? This may give you insights into behaviours you want to emulate, or leadership skills you want to develop.

What if you admire the amount of money they earn? This may tell you about the level of position you need to get to. Looking more closely at their career path may give you some direction on the career path you wish to consider.

There are so many different things you could admire and so many questions a closer look may answer.

Have fun with this and if you feel it’s appropriate you may even wish to let the object of your admiration know you are appreciative of them and see if they have any advice or feedback. Let me know if you need help on how to start this conversation?!

If you have a bunch of thoughts on this but aren’t sure how to pull them all together to determine your next steps, connect with me for help by clicking here.


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