Experiencing Emotions

Moving Past Those Negative Feelings

Leave your front door and your back door open.

Allow your thoughts to come and go.

Just don’t serve them tea.

                                                             Shunryu Suzuki

Observing something instead of living it allows you to step away from the action and see more clearly how you feel.

I was working with a client who was angry because she learned that a co-worker was talking about her “behind her back”.  She told me that she had spent days feeling angry.

She realized she was sick of this feeling.

She realized she was fixating on being slighted.

She realized that this fixation was causing her to spend more time in the office because she was distracted and not getting her work done.

Observing this feeling allowed her to stop living it and move past it.

Living and working without fear, anger, and anxiety isn’t about only having positive emotions. Freedom comes from recognizing our emotions and understanding we can choose not to “serve them”.

Using emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and deep listening practices Akiko offers caring and practical support to free yourself from the toxic, punishing thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck, so you can have better relationships with yourself, other people, and to the work you do.


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