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A Break Amidst The Overwhelm

I have a client who has a fourteen-year-old son who is in the hospital. He’s there after two straight weeks of blinding headaches. The family visited Sick Kids twice and were sent home being told that there was nothing diagnosably wrong with the child. Upon a third visit to the hospital, the cause was identified and the child has been admitted. The good news is, there is treatment and although it’s not immediately clear the length or details of the path back to health, there is a path.

This same client also lost his brother this past weekend. He needs to continue to work full time to support his family. He and his wife need to manage the care of their child in the hospital, they need to manage the details of the funeral, they need to grieve.

They are overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed by their situation.

I’m sharing this with you because as I was supporting him I was reminded of a good exercise I have for overwhelm.

There are no short cuts and or cure-alls for the overwhelm in our lives; but sometimes, while we are managing and while we are working out how to manage, we need a moment, a break, a breath.

I have found this exercise to be of help and I’m sharing it with you now in the event that it will be useful to you.

You can download it instantly here.


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