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Seven Signs of Transition

The beginning of September is a common time of transition for many of us.For those (like myself) in the Northern Hemisphere it marks the end of the summer, the start of a season change and we begin to prepare to enter the colder, darker months. Students return to school. Work tends to shift into a higher gear. 

Like a microcosm of the world which is shifting around us, for many of us, the start of September is a period of internal review and transition. Make no mistake, even though we feel naturally drawn to this process, change or awareness of the need to change is challenging, confusing and uncomfortable.

Here are few more common signs of transition:

  1. You may feel quite impatient or discontented with your present lifestyle without understanding or realizing why.
  2. You may become unhappy in your job or relationship for no apparent reason, but you strongly feel that you need to be doing something else with your life, although you can’t pinpoint what it is.
  3. You feel a strong urge or a magnetic pull in a certain direction whether it be a new hobby, a new interest, a new lifestyle, a new partner, a new spiritual devotion, etc., but whatever it is, you have no control over the matter; you just can’t help yourself from pursuing it.
  4. If you suffer from chronic illness, you may suddenly take great interest in discovering how to become well.
  5. You find you’re focusing more on the self instead of focusing on community, national or global conditions (of vice versa).
  6. You may find that you are becoming more of a humanitarian possessing increased feelings of empathy, sympathy and compassion for others less fortunate than you.
  7. Material possessions may become insignificant in your life and you may long for a simplistic lifestyle.

When you have these (or similar) feelings it’s a great time to dig deeper. When you do, it’s very common to almost immediately be hit by a sense of fear or exhaustion. Even though something within you may be ready or calling out for a change, your programmed, egoistic self knows that a change or a transition will mean getting out of your comfort zone. What does leaving the comfort zone mean? DISCOMFORT. Who wouldn’t want to avoid that? Your body may flood itself with anxiety, confusion and exhaustion. But, pause for a moment 

and truly observe those feelings. Are they the feedback of the self that is going to help you create the life you desire? If not, you know what to do. 

Seek the light within yourself. You will find millions of stars waiting to be discovered.

Using emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and deep listening practices Akiko offers caring and practical support to free yourself from the toxic, punishing thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck, so you can have better relationships with yourself, other people, and to the work you do.

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