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New Moon – August 2021

Be present with me for a minute. 

Yesterday was the new moon, so I’m thinking about new energy. – new years, new starts and new creations. 

I understand that if you are into or know about astrology, yesterday was also called the Lion’s Gate portal, astrology is not something that I know very much about, but I’m mentioning it because it’s associated with powerful creation and abundance energy, and whether or not you truly connect to the full language of astrology, there is never a bad time to bring attention to what is your heart and how you can bring more of that into your life.

I thought I would share how I worked with the new moon energy. 

I did use my tarot cards, because I love tarot but if you know me or have worked with me, I don’t read tarot cards in a traditional way. For me,  the cards are best used as contemplation prompts, inviting us to go deeper. They are best used as images or associations that help us to tap into what isn’t immediately in our consciousness but is ready to come forward. If you are like me and you find visual aids help you to think more creatively (or you’re really into tarot or oracle), these questions work well but if it’s not your thing, they are certainly just as valuable as straightforward questions prompts.

I started with  tea, candles, and I have a few other objects that I find help to centre me (and of course my cards).

First I did a short body scan to ground myself, I sipped the tea throughout. 

In order to clear my mind, I meditated on the candle flame as well as my breath, until I felt extremely calm and centred.

I invited my intuition and highest wisdom to be present and then I asked the question, what would you love to create and have happen in the next 28 days. I sat with the  question for about 10 minutes. For me, when I’m meditating on a question, I really consciously stay focused in my body because I don’t want it to become a really heavy thought exercise – one where I’m creating lists and going down rabbit holes. One image I like is to imagine myself as a calm lake and the ideas or I guess answers to the questions are like air bubbles that float up from the bottom, they break on the surface and I notice them but I’m not attached to them.

After that, I moved into the more direct questioning part of the process. I asked, pulled a card, and journaled on these four questions:

  1. What does showing up with authenticity and courage look like for me over the next 28 days?
  2. What could potentially hold me back from doing this?
  3. What can I do or what resources do I have to ensure this happens?
  4. What am I creating by showing up with authenticity and courage over the next 28 days?

 And then to close the ritual, I meditated on the feelings that the answers to the last question brought out in me. 

If it interests you, take what serves you and feel free to use these questions!

Using emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and deep listening practices Akiko offers caring and practical support to free yourself from the toxic, punishing thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck, so you can have better relationships with yourself, other people, and to the work you do.

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