Akiko Takagi

Akiko had an 11 year career in corporate human resources which focused largely on people development. She was never a very traditional human resources person, her personal development was largely focused on different psychology modalities and she was not afraid to go deep with people and focused on helping them to understand themselves, the people around them and what would help them to grow. 

She loved her work and was proud of opportunities she created leading teams of 2-20, facilitating North American talent summits, leadership programs and assessments and coaching hundreds of people at different stages of their career but she always felt there was something missing during her time in the Corporate world. 

In 2016, she suffered a serious burn-out and it was during the recovery, that she recognized the need for mindfulness meditation and creativity to play a bigger role in her life. It changed everything and set her off on a path towards self-employment, breaking away from the traditional system, healing and growth, greater freedom and new priorities. It taught her how to push past the labels she had been struggling with for her whole life.

The strategic thinking, practical approach, and organizational skills she learned and the opportunity she had to observe and counsel a diverse group of literally hundreds, during her time in Corporate, created the foundation upon which her work as a teacher, coach, guide, and consultant are now based.

After developing her own mindfulness meditation practice, leaving her corporate job for self-employment, working closely with Entrepreneurs as Career and  Leadership Coach and an HR Consultant while going back to school to certify as an Erickson International Life Coach, she started to develop her own style of teaching, coaching, advising, and consultation which combines her very practical and solution oriented background with modern psychology of solution-focused life coaching and the insights of the wisdom traditions. 

She pulls from her previous learning and certification in emotional intelligence, communication, the art of listening, archetypes, the unconscious and the collective consciousness, enneagram personality types, the power of breath and breathing and applies this to her work with clients. 

In addition to her HonsBA, and a CHRP she is an EPC level life coach, trained by Erickson International, trained in solution focused coaching by Jacinta Hughes (J. Hughes and Associates), and Francoise Morissette (Talent to Mastery Corporation), certified in Emotional Intelligence Assessments by the Multi-Health Systems, DiSC Assessments, by Thomas International, She has studied Coaching with Rich Litvin, Personal Mastery through Michael Neal’s Inside Out training program, and Mindfulness through the training programs of Daniel Goleman and Kain Ramsey and through the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Tara Brach, Ram Das, Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hahn, and Jon Kabat-Zinn. 

While still very much on her own journey of healing and learning, she is creating her own coaching and advising practice which she absolutely loves. She supports people from all different backgrounds, helping them to silence the toxic and punishing thoughts and emotions that are keeping them stuck, so they can have better relationships with themselves, other people, and to the work they do. 

Akiko’s blog and social media channels offer inspiration and advice about how to free themselves from suffering.

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Here’s what people are saying:

Akiko, I want to thank you for your continued support over the past year. You coached me through all stages of needing to let go without giving up. You helped me to see opportunities for personal development I would never have considered. You asked the right questions. You are always kind, always patient, always insightful. I know I will return to you for help whenever I need a tune-up/catch up in the future. Best to you in your business.   Imogene C., Retired School Teacher

Akiko has given me a new lease on my future and my career. She is a fantastic coach! Her HR knowledge is extensive, and her approach is patient and kind. After feeling stuck day-after-day, week-after-week, Akiko provided with the support I needed to (finally) make a change. From me figure out what I wanted in my career, to helping me tailor my resume to what managers are looking for, to preparing for interviews, to finally letting go and quitting my job, she guided me the whole way. She had insightful answers to all my questions, but also asked me the tough, thought-provoking questions that I needed to truly make the best decisions for myself and my future. I’m forever indebted to Akiko, and will definitely seek her services in the future.      Wesley G, Clinical Research Coordinator