About the Site

Launched in 2016, this space is dedicated to helping all of us thrive in the beautifully messy reality of our daily lives. Sometimes you need a minute to breath and something to help clear your head. Sometimes you need something more, someone to help reacquaint you with yourself. I’m curious about what you need and I’m here to help. This blog offers interesting articles to motivate and inspire you, as well as give you practical advice on how to maneuver more effectively though life, leveraging your emotional intelligence to be more content, more confident, and more successful.

For the last 10 years I’ve worked in positions where I was focused on supporting people in helping them to do their best work. I’m EQ-i certified and have experience with situational leadership, assessing talent, coaching, mentoring and training. It’s been fulfilling work and now I’m digging into a new chapter in my life by offering my coaching skills more widely.  I want to immerse myself fully in a world of open hearts where we are curious about each other, care about connection and grow through our relationships. Come with me on this journey!