Throw out the idea that only other people have the right to a career that makes their life better


Do you have a Career Champion?!

Do you feel like you aren’t where you should be in your life? Do you know that you were meant for something greater in your career?  Would you just like to be happier in your career?

Did you know that most of us will spend almost 90,000 hours at work over the course of our lifetime? It’s imperative that you spend as many of those hours doing work that has meaning to you in an environment that helps you to grow. A Human Resources Professional has literally trained to help you do this.   

I know. I know. You hate HR. I’ve spent years talking to people about Human Resources. Upon learning that I am an HR professional, my friends, family, colleagues, business owners,  people I’ve met in the line at the grocery store and on the street have enlightened me with INSANE stories about horrible performance reviews, interviews, and career conversations. I’ve received the message loud and clear that people are frustrated by the way they have been treated by a profession that they believe should be supporting them but that they feel is really nothing more than a gatekeeper on annoying rules or in a more sinister vein a corporate watchdog. Trust me. I get it. I’ve experienced it myself and I’m here to help.

Hi there! I’m Akiko, HR Coach. 

I grew up in Toronto, a “creative” who eventually found herself successful in the corporate world. I managed large teams and was an HR person focused on individual development and related strategic planning. As I had the opportunity to work with more people and to learn more about myself I saw first hand how life changing being happy or unhappy at work can be. I also learned that combining my training and experience in strategic Human Resources, Emotional Intelligence, and Coaching made for a powerful ability to help people to enjoy their work more, to be more productive as a team, and to operate in an empowered way.

As a human resources coach, I recognize that powerful advantage of being productive and satisfied with your career and I help you to find more fulfillment on an individual level. I also recognize the importance employee fulfillment has on productivity and business sustainability and I help small and medium-sized business to create successful teams of engaged employees.

I help career-focused people who:

  • Feel like their job controls them and who want to be able to contribute without feeling exhausted
  • Need to re-prioritize because they are working hard but aren’t getting the job, promotion, business, or recognition they want and are continually stressed out
  • Want to do something more with their careers/businesses but don’t know how or what’s next for them
  • Worry they don’t have the skills or abilities to make changes, lead or to do something amazing
  • Aren’t sure of the skills that they already have which can be used to be better in the jobs they have today or can be used to find something better
  • Would just like not to face the “Sunday blues” as often as they currently are

I help businesses and teams to:

  • Increase productivity by ensuring the right people are in the right jobs
  • Reduce the risk of burnout by ensuring that employees are lead effectively and that the work environment supports the most effective workflow
  • Ensure business sustainability by developing employee skills in alignment with business evolution

I’m not your typical coach:

  • I mix strategic HR skill development and planning experience with heart-centered wisdom
  • I believe that the path to fulfillment is to do work that you are fully engaged with and I focus on empowering you/your team to do this
  • I create space for “real-ness” and honesty with oneself and with the people you work with

I have helped people at every career stage to:

  • Figure out what career move to make next
  • Feel confident about job searches, applying for jobs, interviewing, and negotiating their offers
  • Improve their leadership skills
  • Hire the right people for their team
  • Succession plan and perform useful and informative evaluation
  • To be more confident and create more joy, more freedom, and abundance

Find out more about how a Career Champion is going to help you here.