Dating Confidently After A Divorce Or The Break Up Of A Long-Term Relationship

Suddenly it was gone. You’re life as you knew it. The plans you had, the future you prepared for and imagined – all gone. You’ve picked yourself up. You survived. You found out how strong you really are but you’ve been through emotional hell and you’re guarded and wary.

You’re tired of being lonely but you’re scared to put yourself out there and you’re worried about having to deal with anyone else’s garbage

You long for intimate conversations late into the night, someone to talk to after a long day, someone to laugh with. You’re ready to be romanced and excited to express yourself as a sexual being again.

But somehow, you still feel like hiding. Although you know it was not your fault, deep down, you wonder what you did and you want to make damn sure you don’t do it again and end up in the same situation. You’re afraid you’ll never find someone. You’re afraid you don’t know what to do in a dating situation anymore. You’re afraid to be exposed and that you’ll have to settle. 

I help women to start dating again confidently, without losing themselves or settling, so they can have the supportive, long-term, fulfilling relationship they desire on their own terms. 

In this personalized workshop, you’ll learn exactly the things you need to do to feel more confident about dating and how to take those first steps towards being open and having fun while prioritizing your authenticity and emotional safety and wellbeing. 

This package includes:

  • A deep dive visualization exercise to help you get really clear on what you want, at this time, in your dating life.
  • A 90 minute virtual one on one workshop where you will learn how to centre yourself and manage the feelings of fear and overwhelm, I will teach you how to overcome the key fear that is holding you back, and you will identify what the next right step is for you, and how to take it.
  • You will leave this workshop feeling stronger, more confident and in control of your dating situation and with a personalized mantra for you to use as a tool to reduce feelings of fear and overwhelm going forward.
  • A follow up call to check in

You can be confident, energized and find dating fun and I can help. 

Price $95 CAD