Free 30 Minute Career Rehab Coaching Session


Amazing! I’m so excited that you’ve decided to do this! I know it’s a bit daunting to commit to 30 minutes and a conversation that might be intense.

Check out what Kathi R, HR Manager, had to say:

Thanks Akiko, our chat was fun and interesting! This made me feel peaceful and more hopeful, I like the ideas we came up with for what I want to do next. You’re easy to talk to. 

You will leave this free 30-minute Career Rehab one on one coaching session with:

  • Insight – a new awareness of the parts of your work and/or career that aren’t working for you in the broader context of your life and are negatively impacting your health and happiness
  • Relief – a renewed sense of energy in your daily life (or you’ll know that it’s time to make change)
  • A Path Forward – a “next-steps” action plan for transforming your career to support the next phase of your balanced, successful, fulling and joyous life

Most importantly – you’ll leave the session feeling like you’ve taken a moment to slow down and understand yourself.

Send me an e-mail below if you have any questions or simply book time in my calendar here!