Freedom At Any Age

No matter your spiritual beliefs, most of us can agree that making the most of the time we have on the plant just makes sense.

You have every intention of becoming the person you’re meant to be but sometimes you get derailed by inertia, uncertainty, confusion, self-doubt, fear, or anxiety. This is completely normal and the fact is, you can keep on with your life the way it is.

But here’s the simple truth.

You are worthy and capable of a life that lights you up.

Why not do what interests you with people you care about?

Why not see, create, give, and learn as much as you can?

Why not be the happiest, healthiest, riches, most generous, most engaged, most free version of yourself that you can be?

Your thoughts and the way you think are determining what is happening in your life.  This, along with your ability to use your time effectively and to connect and communicate well with others is crucial to your freedom, security and enjoyment of life.

It’s all about being in the driver’s seat of your life, letting go of habits that aren’t serving you, and developing new ways of thinking.

As part of your personalized one on one coaching program you will build an actionable strategy that includes:

  • Bi-weekly 50 minute one on one coaching sessions
  • Specific coaching, tools, and activities (as applicable)  to enable you to
    • Turn up the volume on what you are already good at so you can use it more effectively
    • Balance and use your time more effectively
    • Improve your relationships by becoming more self-aware and by communicating more effectively
    • Using your thoughts to help you rather than stress you out
  • A vision creation exercise based on the logical level of the brain
  • A values based self-image experience that will anchor the characteristics of your best self
  • Unlimited email and text motivation and support

Support is offered in packages consisting of three, six, and 12 month options. All packages include a no-obligation, complimentary discovery session where the client will get clarity on what (specifically) is keeping them feeling trapped, stuck, and/or overwhelmed.

Coaching and Discovery calls are conducted by Webex, Skype, Google Video Chat (and telephone if client is based in Canada).

Your personalized actionable strategy and support from Akiko will help you to achieve your goals faster and more easily and leave you feeling more freedom and fulfillment.

Interested to find out more? 

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