Are you….

  • Finding it hard to leave your house to socialize or even do errands on evenings and weekends?
  • Not eating well and not being physically active?
  • Finding it hard to keep up with routines like house cleaning, yard work, etc.?
  • Finding that you do things just to get them done or to please others?
  • Having trouble falling or staying asleep?
  • Being irresponsible or paranoid with/about money?
  • Feeling like your partner is more like a roommate than a romantic partner?
  • Often focused on the past or waiting for something to change in the future?
  • Acting normal most of the time but feeling numb in quiet moments?
  • Binging on shows, movies, social media, or games?


Of course, we can create actionable strategies for all of this but….

These are all things can all be caused by and symptoms of chronic stress. They are things I experience in the years leading up to my burnout and that amplified when I got sick.

It’s not that we won’t experience most of these things at different points and throughout our lives. All of these things are normal and don’t necessarily signify an impending burnout. Stress is a factor of life and like many things, there are times when it can help or hurt you.

What is more problematic (and what I’ve experienced) is when a person is experiencing multiple of these, to a significant degree, at the same time, over a long period, AND they aren’t actively doing anything to try and mitigate the problems.

Unfortunately – that was the situation and I was in and by the time I realized it and started to take action I was already burnt out. My journey back to health (which is still ongoing) has taken over two years. In addition to the significant life changes, I have made I anticipate another few years before I return to the physical and financial health that I had prior to my burn out.

The amazing news is, after two years of proactive learning, daily practice, and attention I am no longer burnt out AND I’m living a life that truly love!


  • I have significantly stronger relationships with my friends and my family. I am more socially active and have made new friends, colleagues, and connections for the first time in many years.
  • I am eating significantly better, learning how to eat to take care of myself and have become more physically active.
  • I take better care of my home.
  • I sleep SIGNIFICANTLY better.
  • I have a more responsible understanding of my finances and I’m better with money.
  • I have a better relationship with my husband.
  • Most days I experience gratitude, joy, fulfillment, and happiness because I live in the present moment.
  • I think the thing that I am most significantly proud and appreciative of is that now I act, speak, and live from a place of authenticity. I experience greater confidence and feel deeply connected to meaning in my life. It is really this change that supports all of the other changes.


I firmly believe that if I had, had proactive support to see where my struggles were coming from and to take action, I would have avoided the burn out altogether. Now, it’s not really that this support was not available to me, I just didn’t know I needed it.

So now, I’m on a mission to help raise awareness and support people in avoiding or coming back from burnout.

Sure, we all know when we aren’t feeling great, but so often we think that we should be able to manage our stress on our own or that the role of friends or family members is to help us to manage our stress. Of course these things are possible but in reality, stress levels continue to be on the rise, our lives are feeling endlessly busy, and we as a people are becoming less and less connected to ourselves and to those around us.

I help people to proactively manage the stress in their lives, so they can avoid or come back from burnout, feel better, and accomplish their goals and dreams.

This is not therapy and I’m not here to heal you. You’re already whole and complete just as you are today. This is about the life you want to live and the person you want to be. Yes, it’s about being healthier, happier, more successful and more fulfilled – but on the terms that are specific to you.

My support  is about getting to the root of the stress and creating practical and actionable plans to take better care of yourself, being able to connect more with people you care about, being able to take more time for yourself, and getting a better handle on negative thoughts and learning to use your thoughts to help rather than hurt and hold you back.

You are worth this investment. You can create the life you desire. You are worthy of a life that makes you happy.

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