More Me-Time For Moms

Hey Busy Mom…..

Did you know:

  • Taking good care of yourself allows you to take care of others,
  • Demonstrating respect for yourself will encourage others to do the same,
  • Your kids are more likely to take care of themselves if they see you doing the same,
  • Me-time allows for greater self-awareness, centering and it facilitates your creativity and self-development,
  • Taking me-time reduces exhaustion and stress, 
  • Recharging makes it easier to stick to other good habits?

How would it improve your life to get the me-time that you need without feeling guilty and without letting other things in your life fall behind?

After talking to over two dozen Moms about the lack of personal time they are taking, I’m passionate about helping out.

Me-time is the time you spend recharging. It can be spent any number of ways but the keys are: that it is relaxing and that it’s time you take for yourself (where you are not doing things for others).

Let’s be clear. I’m not a magician and this requires a commitment from you, to yourself.

However, finding the time to read, be outside, exercise, create, veg-out, and anything else that recharges you is vital to your health and the health of the people you love.

You’ll walk away from this 60-90 minutes session feeling good about your clear and actionable me-time strategy. You’ll feel empowered, energized, and capable of taking the time you need to be who you truly are!

You are so worthy and capable of your best life (which includes enough me-time)!

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