Your Specialized Solution

A flexible support package which can include one or many of the following:

  • Support from a seasoned HR professional and professionally trained solution-focused coach
  • Honest and reliable assessment of the current team environment, development of a solution-focused plan that includes: scope, goals, and deliverables that support business and personal goals, coaching, and consultation to stop repeating negative thoughts and behaviours, greater ability to: address people issues head on
  • Recruitment support which can be as simple as help with writing a better job ad, intermediate support, such as helping you to create a sustainable recruitment process (that you run on your own), or full support (where I do pretty much all of the work)
  • Support for difficult conversations, managing in a collaborative way, having greater ease and better communication within the team
  • Help to set up communications and change management
  • Support for plan execution, tools and resources, progress tracking, post plan evaluation, best practices, and next steps