Spiritually Unleashed Club

This is a club for anyone who is interested in personal growth, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, magic, mysticism, mental health, collective consciousness, meditation, healing, and that which can be felt but perhaps not as easily explained, but who feels somehow unseen and unheard by the mainstream version of this community and industry.

This is a space for unity, community, and growth! It is a space to express your deepest, highest, authentic self!

Meeting are the 3rd Thursday of every month at 12 pm Eastern Time, click here for the link to the next meeting!

Official Launch Party will be September 16, 2021

Why form a club?

Sometimes the community you live in, isn’t open to or able to take this journey with you or you know (like I do) that the energetic impact of expanding your community is exponential of you’d really just like to make some more likeminded friends!  All of these reasons are why I have created this supportive environment for you to discuss your spiritual work, projects, business aspirations, ideas, where you can express and develop your talents and to explore and ask questions of yourself and others. I am creating a space for the development of real connections and friendships that go beyond Instagram posts and Facebook groups. I have decided to make this a virtual club for sake of convenience and so that we can connect with people from all over the world. 

What can I expect if I come to hang out?

This club is a safe space. Meetings will not be recorded and you are welcomed to show up authentically and respectfully. We will meditate together, discuss topics, ask questions, share experiences and if you choose to,  you will have the opportunity to practice sharing your talents for leading meditations, doing various types of readings or healings, and sharing ideas in a safe and supportive environment.

What does it cost to join?

At this time, the club is entirely free!

Am I going to be asked to buy anything?

The purpose of this group is having discussion and making connections and friendships, so in general no. However,  I will put an offer newsletter and anyone who is an active member of the group can provide me with offers that they have available. Also, if the group decides we can dedicate a small portion of time at the end of the meeting to going around the room and people can share what they have to offer. There will be no pressure for anyone to partake of any of the offers being presented. The “offer period” is really more to give people who do have businesses or who are selling services practice making their offers.

Where and How do we meet?

We’ll meet by Zoom, on the third Thursday of the month at 12 pm Eastern Time. Click here to sign up and receive the link for the next meeting.