Test Drive The Better Relationship Workshop

I’m developing a new one on one workshop specifically to help people to have less stress and better connections in their relationships.

I’m looking for people who would like to feel one or more of these:

  • Less lonely/bored and more connected in their relationship
  • More valued and appreciated in their relationship
  • Like they aren’t the only one who ever wants to talk about “stuff”
  • Like they aren’t always waiting around (and worrying) about when he/she is going to text/call

And who would like to:

  • Communicate more easily and effectively
  • Feel more confident in their relationship
  • Have an easier time making decisions about their relationship
  • Have a relationship that has more trust, support, and connection

If this sounds relevant to you, I’m looking for volunteers to test drive the workshop.

Volunteering will involve:

  • Completing a 42 question (true/false) assessment (aprox. 15 mins)
  • Participating in a 60-90 minute workshop (in person OR via web)
  • After the workshop, provide constructive feedback about what worked well, what the value was for you, and what would make the experience even better

You will come away from the session with:

  • Solutions to achieve one of the above goals or another relationship goal which you identify
  • Free coaching from a professional trained solution-focused coach
  • A free Adult Connection Style Assessment (which identifies innate strengths you can pull from and innate behaviours to avoid to help you to make any relationship better)
  • The satisfaction of (and my gratitude for) having helped me prepare a valuable and enjoyable workshop that will help many others to have better relationships

Please share this message with your friends and anyone who you think might be interested and benefited.

Please email me with any questions and/or sign up below. Thank You!

Sign Up To Be A Volunteer Here: